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Certified Vegan Toothpaste

Certified Vegan Toothpaste

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We believe you should treat your body like royalty! Why not start with that beautiful smile?

We offer three certified vegan toothpastes (4 oz):

Royal paste (Whitening)
Our all natural mint toothpaste not only freshens breath but whitens your teeth as well. Fluoride free, sugar free, preservative free, vegan, gluten free. A pea size of this awesome paste is all you need!

Cacao (Remineralizing) 
Remineralize, stop tooth decay and whiten all at the same time with our Cacao Toothpaste. Researchers in Japan have discovered that parts of the pods can thwart mouth bacteria and stop dental decay. Also Cacao contains Theobromine which makes teeth less susceptible to acid erosion from bacteria which could be a precursor to cavities.

This toothpaste is actually quite yummy with its hint of Cocao (chocolate like flavor) and clover essential oils.

Same great whitening formula but with the wonderful flavor of cinnamon and mint!

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