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anxiety roll on

Anti-anxiety Roll-on

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Help feel grounded and calm your nerves by applying this roll-on onto your pulse points. After rubbing in, cup hands and inhale the blend to help soothe and calm yourself. Blend carried in Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Lavender: Calms, soothes, nurtures
Encourages balance in all body systems
Reduces anxiety and fear
Helps calm and control panic attacks

Lime: Refreshes and uplifts
Eases anxiety and fear
Brings sunshine and light to fight feelings of depression

Mandarin:Unblocks and circulates stagnant energy
Calms those reluctant to ask others for help

Patchouli: Balances an overactive mind
Reduces nervous strain
Counteracts disjointed and spacey feelings, opens up the breath
Supports connecting with one's sensual nature

Neroli: Relaxes the nerves
Calms and soothes the heart
Brings us in touch with our higher selves
Facilitates spiritual and creative work

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