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all natural charcoal deodorant

Bamboo Charcoal Deodorant

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Combat body odor with our all natural, Certified Vegan deodorant. We have added activated bamboo charcoal which can absorb odors* as well as a combination of essential oils. Scent is neutral. This stick goes on very light despite the color, is not greasy and is totally vegan, gluten and nut/grain free. We proudly use Ottos Cassava flour as the base to ensure a high quality deodorant stick. To use: just apply to under arms 2-3 swipes is efficient and reapply if necessary. Holds up well in warmer climates.

Ingredients: Cassava Flour, Magnesium Hydroxide, Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Rose Water, Witch Hazel, Vitamin E, Arrowroot Powder, Bamboo Charcoal, Essential Oil Blend.

*this is informational information only and we make no claims to the accuracy of this finding. 

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