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Chakra Balancing Oils

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Perfect to help balance and unblock any disruptions in your pathways. Made with pure essential oils and carried in jojoba oil. Just roll-on and massage in the oil of need on the chakra area, inhale the powerful scents. Aromatic plant essential oils activate and energize sluggish chakra function and calming oils can quiet over active chakras. Using balancing oils can maintain support of well regulated chakras.

These oils are enhanced with vibrational qualities of real gemstones. Each roller bottle benefits from the natural energy of each stone which in turn will help you in your intention and practice.

Crown = Quartz: Provides balance and harmony by elevating thoughts and perspectives.

Third Eye= Amethyst: Balances the mind and allows for sleep and relaxation.

Throat= Lapis Lazuli:High vibrational energy stone that brings wisdom and awareness.

Heart= Rose Quartz: Opens the heart Chakras to find compassion. happiness, forgiveness and peace.

Solar Plexus= Citrine: Absorbs negative energy and warms the core to radiate power, centeredness, confidence and endurance thoughout the body and mind.

Sacral=Carnelian: Helps with creative blocks those embarking on a new project.

Root= Black Tourmaline: Grounds excess energy. Purifying stone that deflects and transfroms negative energy.

A great way to get started is a foot massage with the Root oil, lower back massage with the Sacral, gentle tummy massage with Solar Plexus, breast bone/ middle back massage with Heart, chest/neck massage with Throat and simple inhalation or forehead application of Third eye and Crown.

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